Imran Khan says elections delay part of ‘London plan’: Govt running away from polls

Imran Khan said that he has given the PTI Central Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi the mandate to hold talks with the PDM. “If they give an SC-endorsed proposal on joint and immediate polls – by dissolving their governments in May – only then we can talk. But if they are leaving it open-ended, then it is nothing but a trap,” he maintained.

The deposed prime minister added that the biggest condition is for current caretaker setups to be removed. “These setups have become unconstitutional now and we want genuine caretaker governments to be brought,” Imran added.

“Elections can be held in July if the prime minister dissolv

The former prime minister said inflation irked the public, and the government is running away from its reaction by postponing the elections. Imran Khan insisted that the ECP was working in connivance with the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – an alliance of 13 political parties.

“Maryam Nawaz is receiving protocol. The Election Commission is with them,” he said.

The ex-PM further criticised the caretaker Punjab government for “attacking” his Lahore’s Zaman Park residence, adding that he cannot forgive the people who are responsible for party worker Zille Shah’s death.

The PTI chairman said he had held a meeting alongside President Arif Alvi with General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa in which the former army chief had said if PTI wants elections, Imran should dissolve the provincial assemblies.

Imran added that as per his “readings” the former COAS had no ideology as he “saved” Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif despite knowing about his corruption.

“They had even more information than that available to the public … but he was ready to give these people NRO. How can you give NRO to these thieves if you have a sense of morality or ideology?” he added. Original Source 

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