Imran Claims He Dissolved Punjab, KP Assemblies On Bajwa’s advice

LAHORE     –   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan claimed the other day that he had dissolved the Punjab and KPK assemblies on the advice of the former army chief Gen­eral retired Qamar Javed Ba­jwa whom he had been accus­ing of toppling his government in April last year.

In an interview to a news channel aired on Sunday, Im­ran Khan recalled one of his meetings with General Bajwa held in the presence of Presi­dent Dr Arif Alvi and said that the top general told him to dis­solve the two provincial gov­ernments if he wanted to have early elections.

The PTI chief also gave an­other reason for dissolving the provincial governments in that interview. “When we dissolved our governments, it was in the background of senior PML-N leaders’ state­ments that if you want elec­tions, you should dissolve your governments. The state­ments of Shahid Khaqan Ab­basi and Maryam Nawaz Shar­if are on record in this record. So, we dissolved the govern­ments and now they are running away from elec­tions”, he said. In a light­er vein, Imran Khan lik­ened the current stance of the PDM parties on holding elections with the cricket matches played by school­children who would some­times run away from the ground along with the wick­ets seeing a clear defeat .Original Source

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